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Sod Installation and Removal

With a professional sod installation from Mud Monsters, you can get a thick, green and full looking landscape in no time. Caring for a lawn that is newly sodded does not require much work, especially when compared to one that is freshly seeded. A sodded lawn reduces the chance of mud being tracked all over the sidewalk and deck or even into your home. We all dream of having a beautiful, green and full landscape. With sod, you can totally transform your home’s landscape and improve its curb appeal. 

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What to expect on the day of your new sod:

Pricing and Estimates

Installation pricing for sodding is determined by 4 factors:

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Use a tape measure to measure and make a sketch of the area to be turfed.

  1. For a Square or Rectangle: Area = Length x Width
  2. For a Triangle: Area = (Base (b) x Height (h))/2
  3. For a Circle: Area = Πr²
  4. For Irregular shapes: Break the areas down into rectangles, right triangles or circles. Calculate the area of each shape and then add together.

  1. Clear the site of debris and eliminate all weeds and grass.
  2. Eliminate severe slopes and any low lying areas.
  3. Slope area away from buildings to ensure proper drainage.
  4. Till area to a 2-inch depth to help control annual weeds and soil compaction.
  5. Add 4-6 inches of good quality, weed free top soil.
  6. Roll the area with a lawn roller that is half full of water to firm and settle the area.
  7. Finish raking the area, if necessary.

Water turf with at least 1 inch of water, within 30 minutes of installation. Make sure all edges are watered!

Water turf thoroughly in the morning and check in the evening to see if the turf is drying out. If it is, soak it again.

  1. Water daily or more to keep turf moist.
  2. Keep turf moist for approximately 10 days to 2 weeks, or until the roots are firmly established.
  3. To check if roots are established, pick up a piece of the turf, preferably in the corner, and lightly pull up a small piece to see if the roots are grabbing. If the corner lifts up easily, with no resistance, then it hasn't quite established itself yet.

Most new sod is ready to be mowed after six or seven days.

New sod has been laid on top of a new application of top dressing soil. This will replenish your soil ecology and fertility for good sod growth.

Fertilizing can encourage grass blade growth and not root growth. Once new sod is laid, root growth is imperative to a healthy lawn for years to come.

Do not fertilize your new sod until the fall and ensure you use the appropriate granular fall fertilizer.

A healthy, well-maintained lawn is the best method of weed control.

Do not use any pesticides or herbicides on you new sod. Applications of both kill not only the bad bugs but the good bugs too.

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