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we get dirty so you don’t have to!

Quality Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping services for Edmonton and surrounding areas!

We take care of all your yard and home beautification needs year-round!

Let us help you start this Spring off right with a clean, well-manicured yard. We start by cleaning all leaves, sticks and ground debris from your flower beds, hedges and turf. Once all the large debris is removed, we rake (hand or power) and, if necessary, aerate before we cut your lawn. If your trees and bushes need trimming, we can help with this too. When the work is done, we take away all unwanted debris, so you don’t have to.

Our Key Seasonal Services:

Mud Monsters services run through the whole year. Spring, summer, fall and winter, we are here to help by giving you 365 days peace of mind.

A healthy lawn provides the perfect backdrop for BBQs, backyard parties and tons of fun summer activities. Unfortunately, achieving and maintaining a lush green lawn can be time consuming. Let Mud Monsters help with your residential lawn care needs!

Mud Monsters Residential Lawn Yard Services
Mud Monsters Commercial Lawn Yard Services

A commercial property is visible to the entire community. Having a well maintained grounds is an important part of making a good first impression with both visitors and clients. Let Mud Monsters help with your commercial lawn care needs!

A truck and trailer are great for getting the things you want and need to and from your home, but not everyone has access to these. Let Mud Monsters give you the hand you need!

Mud Monsters Hauling Delivery Services
Mud Monsters Lawn and Yard Care

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