Power Raking

Power Raking

Mud Monsters offers both Sod Installation and Replacement Services. If the yard of your new home is bare dirt or seeding just isn’t enough to salvage your tired lawn, let Mud Monsters help give you the dense carpet of lush, green grass you desire. Laying down healthy, new turf can improve resistance to weeds and insects, reduce run off and dramatically enhance the appearance of your property.

sod roll with dirt and a rake

Our Installation and Removal Service includes:

  • Removal of any existing lawn and turf
  • Addition of topsoil
  • Leveling of the site
  • Installing new sod
  • Disposal of waste
  • Watering and maintenance instruction

Pricing and Estimates

Installation pricing for sodding is determined by 4 factors:

  • Area to be sodded
  • The amount of topsoil required
  • The machinery needed
  • The disposal
Mud Monsters Sod Roll

Whether your lawn is damaged and no longer vibrant or you’ve just moved in, Mud Monsters’ sod installation services can help!

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